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    2008 marked the beginning of my second decade of writing professionally about Broadband Wireless Internet Access (BWIA), WiMAX, Wi-Fi, and other wireless-related subjects.

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March 28, 2008


Peter Butler

I always enjoy reading your news and commentary. It always came right to the point. I know this will not be the last time I will be hearing from you, but I do wish you success in finding work that is appealing and non-apologetic!

73, de Peter

Austin Burbridge

Dear Steve, Thank you for all of your superb coverage. Concise, focused, knowledgeable, it helped me to grasp this little-known but essential piece of the new media puzzle. It will be missed.

I hope that you will find a better -- or at least better-paid -- situation soon.

Yours very truly,

A U S T I N ,

Austin Burbridge,
Cinema Minima News for Movie Makers Worldwide.

John Valenti

Sorry to hear you are moving on, I would try to check in here every few weeks to learn something new. You had even made it onto my browser's bookmark toolbar.

Good luck with future endeavors!

-John (kd8bqx)

Charles Brown


You will be missed.

As reporting in this industry is so poor, you have always been a reliable, honest and objective source of information and opinion. I congratulate you on this accomplishment and hope that you will the opportunity to keep abreast of events, as time permits. Thank you for your efforts. We will miss you.


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