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November 17, 2008



Steve, regarding #3, in real estate the legal term is "adverse possession". If you've used and maintained a property (say in an area of an improperly surveyed lot line) for a substantial period of time without the owner complaining, then you've got an adverse possession claim on that property.

The reason such a concept exists is suppose that someone began building an improvement on your land and you saw it but did nothing. Instead, you wait until the improvement (barn, fence, home) is finished and then claim the land and possess the barn, fence and home. As I understand it, the legal concept exists to prevent that sort of action from taking place.

A developer began a project next to our neighbor's lot. He claimed that their fence was wrong and he was going to put a road through a part of their yard! However, since the property had been maintained by various owners over about 40 years, the current owner had a valid adverse possession claim. The developer ended up having to move the road and pay the current owner for access to a part of their lot.

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