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February 04, 2010


Brian Florence

Matt's dedication to "doing it right the first time" shows with his loyal and ever increasing customer base, even despite numerous competitors. As a former employee of Matt Larsen, I am proud and to hear of this achievement, and proud to say that I had the pleasure of working for this Nebraska pioneer!

When I started with Matt's company, we had a 200 dial up customers. Within two years, we surpassed 2000. And, working with our local phone company, we offered ISDN dialup before anyone else, and obtained the first DSL circuit in the state of Nebraska used for Internet. It is no surprise he has now conquered the world of wireless.

Congratulations, Matt!

Gene Cook

It is always heart warming to read inspirational stories of small, rural companies succeeding in a big way. It sounds as if it is well deserved in that Mr. Larsen did his homework, started from the ground up and got seriously involved in the industry.

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