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December 22, 2007



You made some great points here. Seems to me that the iPod Touch is great for college campuses, with high-speed WiFi and iTunes U.

Apple's been too engaged with the educational market, and educational possibilities for iPods and iTunes, *not* to recognise the tremendous possibilities.

Free iPod Touch

Thanks for the update, I agree the ipod touch is somewhat flawed, but it is still a cool gadget. Of course it would not "beat" the iphone, it was made for those who didn't want to throw out the extra money and get an iphone.


ok, a wifi device that doesnt include virus/net nanny software?????

[Editor's note - Does it really NEED it? - sks]


Great article, but I have a few comments... First, the landscape mode in Safari is enabled (I'm using it now). Second, Apple has promised that it will open the iPod touch to 3rd party applications with a SDK slated for release in February.

I know that this info may not have been available at the time the article was posted, but I think that it's relevant enough to be added.

[Editor's comment - TJ - so how do you engage landscape mode in Safari on the iPod Touch? The two salespersons I asked didn't know. - sks]


Just purchased the Ipod Touch and the Safari did rotate into landscape mode when I turned the Ipod. The bigger flaw is the lack of bluetooth.


to get lanscape mode in safari on an ipod touch
you rotate the iPod 90 degrees and you then have
lanscape mode...if only works for youtube, video, and
safari...I'm sure in the coming months you will see the
touch get lanscape mode for all apps...at least I hope!


I have an Australian Ipod and it rotates in safari, iphoto and itunes and that was before the upgrade. There is no setting for this it just does it out of the box.


That was the most ignorant under informed review/rant I have ever read in my life.

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