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October 07, 2008



India will have more than 27.5 million WiMAX subscribers by 2012.
The global WiMAX market is projected to grow to 48 million subscribers, with expenditure of USD 3.3 billion by 2010, according to industry sources. Emerging markets such as India, Brazil, and Russia among others are expected to account for a bulk of this market. Other industry sources reveal that the number of worldwide WiMAX users is forecasted to reach 14.9 million in 2009, creating over USD 13.8 billion in service revenues for the WiMAX market. The WiMAX forum has projected that India will have more than 27.5 million WiMAX subscribers by 2012, accounting for almost 20 percent of the global WiMAX subscriber base.
To read more: http://www.communicationstoday.co.in/oct2007/wimax-the-future-is-here-831-41.html

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