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October 15, 2008


Brandon Fouts

I had read that half (50%) of Telephone company operating expenses were for billing. Track who originated call, the destination, the distance, the time of day and therefore the rate, record into database, at the end of the month compile report (your phone bill) mail it out, get back payment, process payment, send check to the bank... you get the idea.

Efficiency would no doubt show it is cheaper to concentrate on supplying the bandwidth - increasing bandwidth vs trying to limit bandwidth use thru billing. Just look at ethernet for historical perspective - see how the costs have trended down.

Thanks Steve for your thoughtful insights,
Brandon Fouts

Rick Rotondo

Thanks for your coverage of Spectrum Bridge and the topic of spectrum trading. Believe it or not, we are in agreement with many of your points.

However there are some elements about what SpecEx is trying to achieve that are incorrect in your piece, starting with what you call “the basic premise.” We can understand why you might have reached this conclusion, as the blog post you mention, as well as others in the media sometime talk about real-time spectrum trading and compare us with eBay, and this can send an inaccurate message about what we are trying to achieve.

In particular, it appears you based your piece on one Sam wrote on dailywireless.org. Sam misinterpreted a graphic on our site as showing very short term dynamic leasing, whereas the graphic description points out that it was an illustration the FCC concept of a primary and secondary user(s) sharing spectrum at differing time periods on any given day as allowed in their secondary markets initiative. Nowhere does it talk about very short term as a business model that we are pursuing

We do agree that very short term leases as you describe them are, for the foreseeable future, impractical. Both the regulatory process and the cognitive capabilities of radios would have to be dramatically more advanced than they are today.

It is important for you and your readers to understand that these types of leases are by no means fundamental to our business, or required for us to meet our business goals. In fact, none of our clients are offering any spectrum like that on our site today.

We welcome a dialog with you and your readers, and the opportunity to explain what SpecEx is about, how it works and how it differs from some of the earlier online spectrum trading efforts you mention in your article.


Rick Rotondo
Spectrum Bridge Inc.

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